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Personal Training - 45 minute sessions providing individualised guidance, support and motivation.

Pilates Mat-work & Reformer - Private instruction or semi-private classes (max 2 per class).


Imagine yourself in a beautiful private studio for women, where you will be guided and motivated each week.

You'll receive the utmost personal care and attention, that will have you feeling fitter and more toned.

Let's create healthy, workable habits that set you up for a great life filled with renewed energy and purpose.



Penny has been helpful in providing stretching and strengthening exercises in rehabilitating a shoulder injury, which has increased mobility. Through a program specifically designed for my needs I have gained strength and increased fitness and flexibility. You always feel better after a workout!

Since training with Penny I feel stronger in my body, which gives me a more positive approach to my body ageing. I feel like it is possible to build strength and fitness by putting in consistent effort regardless of your age. I feel I’m making a very worthwhile investment in my body and long term health.

Penny is a friendly, knowledgeable and dynamic fitness instructor. She tailors programs specifically for your needs, and varies the program to gain results, maintain interest and motivation, while being challenging!


Penny has provided the personal approach I was seeking, an excellent balance of encouraging you to set goals and then creating a program that is tailored for me and my body. The one on one PT sessions mean complete focus on my progress and no comparing myself to others around me, it also allows Penny to adjust the session based on any areas of concern or weakness in my body each week.


Penny is regularly assessing my goals and my progress, it is so evident that this is more than a job for her, it’s her passion; she is highly motivated to see me (and all women) succeed, Penny genuinely cares about you getting the results you’re aiming for.

Aim Fitness has firstly kept me accountable. Attending one or two PT sessions weekly, as well as a Pilates class has meant I’m making my exercise goals a priority.


Your training programmes helped me to schedule in a weekly session, to make it part of my weekly routine.  Plus you encouraged me to do extra strength work during the week and try to make it part of my daily life rather than a chore!

I am enjoying training with Penny, I’m learning how to keep a steady rhythm, so that I can keep on progressing.

Before I started training with Penny my main frustration was the weakness I felt in my upper body, particularly as I aged. 

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Let’s prioritise your well being, it’s time for you now.
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